with their operation.

On the other hand, the Barrier creates an opportunity to provide a protected deep water port, ideal for serving the Midlands from the Lincolnshire side of the Barrier.

"What scale should such a port be? Should it compete with Felixstowe and Hull? Would the infrastructure be provided to service it with roads and rail links?"

Economic regeneration

The building of the Barrier would pump hundreds of millions of pounds into the weak economies of East Lincolnshire and West Norfolk. The economic benefits of the improved natural environment, leisure facilities and opportunities for shipping would sustain these economies beyond the construction period.


The Barrier and the ancillary buildings, equipment etc. will cost in excess of £2bn, however, the value of electricity generation alone could justify building the Barrier.

"Should the government fund the project and enjoy the benefits or should the project be a private venture?"

"Should the additional costs of flood protection, environmental schemes, etc. be borne by the developer? Who should benefit from the other value generated
from the construction of the Barrier? The ports, fish farms, leisure facilities from the Barrier provide good returns on the funding. Who should be compensated for loss, and how should those losses be judged?"


The Barrier is needed for flood protection NOW. However, as this would be such a major scheme, construction is unlikely to begin for at least four years. It could be completed in just two years after that. The Barrier will be built to last more than 50 years and designed to be enhanced and serviced so that it exists indefinitely.

What next?

PHASE ONE Assemble a team of people and companies with the skills to understand and answer the many questions the scheme poses. Target December 2007.

PHASE TWO Gain permission from the government, landowners and other interested parties to construct the scheme. Target December 2009.

PHASE THREE Resolve the detailed engineering, logistical and other managerial problems of the scheme. Target December 2010.

PHASE FOUR Raise the funds to construct the scheme. Target April 2011.

PHASE FIVE Construction of the scheme. Target April 2011, completion April 2012.